Mentoring Leaders to Lead Leaders

Marsha Jane Orr, MS, MA, MEd

Mentoring Leaders to Lead Leaders, Marsha Jane Orr, formerly Extension Faculty at Cornell University, Industrial and Labor Relations School, and ad hoc mediator, fact finder and arbitrator for the NYS Public Employment Relations Board and the American Arbitration Association. In 1992, Marsha Jane Orr began building client engagements as founder of Intrepreneur Coaching (IC),

Since then, she has partnered with other consulting firms serving academic and corporate clients in  HR, change, strategic re- organization and lean design efforts. In 2009, with a M.ED in hand, she relocated to Perth, Australia and worked as a primary Learning Support teacher with Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf schools.

“My students taught me about what it means to ‘show up with presence.’ Their gifts called me toward sustained excellence every day.” Over ten years, Marsha participated in the faith community of the Saint Germain Foundation, and resided on Temple grounds in Chicago and Massachusetts, USA. Besides a Masters in Education from Lesley University, Marsha has two others, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica & another from the ILR School, Cornell University.

In her coaching practice presently, Marsha focuses upon her ‘Harmonizing Difference’ conflict resolution as well as supporting angel investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders in RAPID GROWTH industries. As part of her offering, she helps leaders who mentor leaders create LEADERS’ BRAND  that acknowledges organization leaders’ collective capacity to deliver on strategy.

Promoting kids’ capability in math and science through her multi-media Earth Explorers (TM) project is her passion to ensure the participation of all people across the globe in the new Internet of Things. (EARTH EXPLORERS (TM)

She has authored three  Intrepreneur Coaching books: My Little Companion Book on Love (2004); Teachers Survival Guide (2012), and  Life After Life (2014).

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