Free Contemplation—Honest


Original soundtrack by Spiritual Musician Jerry Whalen; voice Marsha Jane Orr


I take stock of myself and the life I have been living up to this point. I accept that what I have created up until now is ‘What is’—my life.


I take this moment to appreciate all that is, all that has come before and all that is yet to come. I acknowledge truthfully my blessings and lessons.


I am so grateful for every little thing.


I take command of my mind and heart and gently direct it toward my greater good. In love and thanksgiving, I simply take the next tiny step that is before me heading toward the light that is.


One step at a time, I continually call myself back to the Light.


I acknowledge my strength, wisdom, love and courage.


I am the one I am and I am so grateful.



-How have I made myself or another wrong?

-How have I avoided correcting myself by blaming another?