Are You Ready To Be A Spiritual Warrior In Support Of AWayOfLove?

Too often people mistake AWayOfLove or walking a Spiritual path to mean being a doormat to be trampled on by the will of others, to bow down to the wishes of others and there by making themselves small. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Even Deepak Chopra has said that the only thing that disappoints him about many of his followers is that in his opinion they are “too soft”.  He would prefer them to be more like Spiritual Warriors.

AWayOfLove Is A Transformational Way Of Being

Practicing AWayOfLove  has been known to change governments, and whole cultures: the path of ascended mastery. In this era, we are not asked to sacrifice ourselves, but rather to become ourselves. AWayOfLove is a choice for action among our community, family and country leaders.

You Are Invited To Join The AWayofLove Movement

I invite us to practice and require others to follow AWayOfLove. Together we can heal, build, and create a world committed to AWayOfLove. We deserve this. Together we can do this! We can establish powerfully across the world, AWayOfLove.
Enjoy this AWayOfLove video, and when you’re done I encourage you to share it as well as leave your comments below.