AwayOfLove Is A Powerful Way To Use What Is

Avoiding The Inner Critic

There are many who would rather run away and hide or ignore what is, hoping it will simply go away or disappear.  Yet there is a powerful transformative opportunity through AWayofLove that involves using what is  for growth and upliftment. (no matter how unpleasant we perceive it to be)

At the heart of citizens’ full self expression–an essential ingredient of democratic society–there is also a corresponding requirement of responsibility. At its highest level, this responsibility calls us each to deeper and deeper levels of love and compassion as what we see is akin to who we ourselves are. The noted psychologist, RD Laing said it best, “all is projection.”

Whether this is true or not is less relevant then the empowering choice such a concept gives us. I have found in my own life that much of what I criticize externally is simply a reflection of my inner critic, whom I daily learn to love. Typically this inner critic is the voice I’d rather ignore or loathe. Mostly, however, that critic voice has a deeper intention such as safeguarding us or otherwise guiding us, even if its processes can seem childlike or destructive as in sabotaging our best intentions.

In such cases, we can use our relationship with our inner critic to ‘reframe’ its intention and behavior toward something closer to our higher good and the higher good of all those involved. In our life experiences, we demonstrate a ‘reframe’ to our reality as we continually take steps toward our heartfelt dreams and aspirations. Of course, this can seem discouraging when our best efforts and dearest truths are seemingly thwarted. But we can demonstrate resolve to pick ourselves up and take the next step–and the next–behavior which supports our goal achievement over time as we continue to course correct.

In the case of our experience with others with whom we seem to disagree, we have a similar choice. If we can accept, even temporarily, that this ‘energy field ‘ is there to teach us something about ourselves, then immediately the source of our frustration begins to transform toward something more useful. Have you ever noticed how our greatest teachers are often those with whom we have the most troubled relations? One might say they are the ‘Angel Ones’ drawing us into opportunity for deeper understanding, love and compassion.

Democratic society requires free speech. It also requires its citizens to act responsibly toward other citizens and to do no harm. Liberty and freedom depend upon these two tenets. Therefore, responsible behavior toward those who harm others calls for particular discerning. The I-Ching, Book of Change, a Chinese wisdom book, directs us to still our minds and hearts and only from this space of neutrality, speak and act, so as to prevent further harm. A free press, and media has a similar requirement.

Fortunately, the power of attraction is so great that as we, like responsible citizens, focus our attention upon our highest good, we expand that energy. I celebrate our voices and the voices of all other responsible, global citizens who come forward in truth and vision with a deep commitment to society and all its citizens. We are one human being great practicing, AWayOfLove.

I welcome your comments and feedback below.