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Contest  AWayOfLove:

To qualify as a submission for consideration for AWayOfLove seal of approval your idea, project, design, innovation or invention demonstrates:

  1. Passion to improve the life experience  of  others
  2. Consciousness about environmental sustainability
  3. Proven, demonstrated and tested designs and processes
  4. Affordability
  5. How to be a “Game Changer”
  6. Global balance and prosperity
  7. How to value humanity; empower society’s disenfranchised
  8. Ways to inspire us to help one another
  9. Transferability across sectors: public, private, personal
  10. Viable uses for the greater good of all involved

Music, art, plays, videos, innovations, inventions, processes, and all creative and original expressions of AWayOfLove that meet this criteria are welcomed and will be considered for our seal of approval as AWayOfLove.

Deadline: 14th January 2013

Awards to be announced at our RaveWayOfLove live event, Perth, Australia and thereafter published on our website blog (AWayOfLove.com)and accompanying Twitter and Facebook sites.