In the AwayOfLoveVideo: Discerning The Appropriate Choices In Your Life, you’ll explore how you are making choices in your life, as well as discover the distinction between judgment and discernment.

The former is ‘I like this; I don’t like that,’ usually based upon some external standard. Discernment instead is based upon a standard of your own divine purpose, what is in your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

Ask yourself: Is how I experience my world ‘on or off course’ with AWayOfLove? All the world’s sacred texts have a standard for AWayOfLove. Review yours and call yourself back toward it in discernment.

One way of social action with AWayOfLove ‘makes a bigger circle and brings the other in…’We are all One in our humanity. If you call yourself to stand for your discerning truth, and we each do the same, together we can discern wisely a deeper WayOfLove. Be that light and strengthen us all.

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