AWayOfLove: Many faiths guide our truth...

AWayOfLove: Many faiths guide our truth…

We invite you to share the prayer of your faith that represents your deepest and dearest WayOfLove:

Here is mine from my beloved late husband, the Reverend Edwin F. “Wynn” Hausser, Jr., speaking to a Presbyterian congregation in Ithaca, NY, USA:

O Spirit of Profound Love, Who spoke through Angels to the gathered at the conception and birth of Jesus, and again at His baptism, and as thunder at His entry into Jerusalem, we offer our prayer.  We are like the throngs who cheered Jesus and waved their palms–we are hungry for justice and rightousness to prevail in our society and world.  We are hungry for healing and hope to be the fuel of our lives.  We delight and are thankful for the affirmation of life we receive in an approving glance, a friendly touch, an authentic smile, a kind gesture.  We flourish with gratitude in hearing wonderous music, seeing contrasting and rich colour, in smelling the sensuous aroma of flowers and foods.  We are thankful for the daily tasks of all persons to make our lives richer and fuller.

However, the message of approval You heralded from the skies about Your son brings to focus the things that were important to God.  We pray for the elimination of all devices for war, for feeding of the hungry, the restoring of children to their parents, the end of bigotry, racism and tyranny.  We pray for shelter for the homeless, peace for the tormented, wisdom and fairness for the powerful, and meaning and purpose for all persons in our universe. —Rev. E.F.’Wynn’ Hausser


I am so grateful for all the ways together, in the deepest realms of our being, that we are One in faithful preservation of ourselves and all we hold dear.  We invite you to share with all those you love, this powerful prayer, and ask that they too craft their own to guide their inner most ways of being in AWayOfLove. All ways lead to One.

May we preside here forever in the realm of Spirit that is united and also respectful of difference.

I AM forever, eternal with you in AWayOfLove that we craft together for the greater good of all involved.  This or something better…

In your honour,

Marsha Jane Orr