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01 Track 1  Original Soundtrack by Jerry Whalen, Spiritual musician, and author Marsha Jane Orr

We offer this to strengthen you and safeguard your innocence throughout this very trying period of grief and anger.

Contemplation is an action of our higher wisdom that cleanses, purifies and corrects discordant conditions.  Like our heavenly nature, we are all innocent and act instinctively in alignment with our higher good, without ulterior motive unless we are out of sync with divine will.  If the unexpected occurs, it is a call to go within and cleanse oneself of any conditions that may have attracted our misfortune. It is also an opportunity to accept our innocence and to forgive so as not to be overtaken by anger, guilt, resentment,or sorrow. Actions that ensue from such clear hearted intention and centered love have great potential to powerfully transform conditions for the good of all involved. Here at our prayers are with you in restoring justice and peace.

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