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Executive and Life Coaching as practiced by IC consultants incorporates a unique inside/out AWayofLove approach that supports us in releasing outmoded beliefs, ways of acting and obstacles that seem to prevent us from becoming our true higher selves fully expressed.

Unique Value Proposition

We understand that each of us is a unique human being with a particular destiny to fulfill here on earth. We hypothesize that the greater number of people working out of their own unique value proposition (UVP), the greater our collective impact on the world can become.

Therefore, in applying AWayOfLove to our Executive and Life Coaching practice, we work to support people and organizations in becoming very clear about who they are and what they have come to earth to complete and contribute in this lifetime. So the first step at AWayOfLove is BE THEE™, be yourself. This Creative Choice™ alone will ‘set you free’.

We watch for clues in what we naturally strive toward and enjoy, discounting whatever we ‘should, could, or would’ be. We create an ESSENTIAL VIEW Biography™ so we can stay focused upon who we truly are, especially in expanding or contracting force fields of experience where we may find ourselves.

Below you will find more detailed descriptions on the specific AWayOfLove Coaching Options that are available.


Harmonizing Difference

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The AWayOfLove ‘Harmonizing Difference Within’ approach supports those involved in conflict in profoundly shifting their internal experience and thereby actually changing the rules of engagement. The so-called opposing party is not required to shift. Often, however, once one party shifts, the entire conflict changes, sometimes toward benefiting both in unexpected ways.

For many, conflict is a paralyzing experience in business, family life and communities. An IC understanding of the value of conflict suggests that conflict can often be the creative edge of fruitful internal growth, when handled as such.

All realms of conflict resolution, from international to business and family relations, have felt the effects of ‘value based’ inquiry. The AWayOfLove approach is unique as follows:

  • 1) We have a choice regarding our reaction to another. We can use our projections about others, whether so-called positive or negative, to gain insight into aspects of self.
  • 2) In response to ‘what’s present’ in the moment, we accept that we make our own movie of ‘what is.’ This position maximizes our creative choice about next steps. If it’s ‘out there,’ it’s ‘in here’ and we have the power to change our own internal experience of ‘what’s present.’
  • 3) We cannot ‘get what we want’ through manipulatively holding a picture that involves another independent life stream. We are free to choose that which we assess is most constructive for our own well-being; and the other is similarly free to choose what’s in his/her perceived best interest.
  • 4) Compassion for ourselves is bringing forward limiting beliefs and reframing them into affirmations more supportive of our heartfelt goals and aspirations. We work with the concept that what we focus upon expands. We can choose to release being wrong or making another wrong and forgive. Compassion for another is being present to another’s pain and accepts the other’s free choice, acknowledging they have within them all the necessary resources to heal.
  • 5) Prizing, heartfelt listening, loving energy, forgiveness, gratitude, techniques of inner gestalt—intangible esoteric methods—profoundly shift an experience of conflict with another; even without the other’s conscious participation. This shift opens up often unanticipated avenues for resolution.
  • 6) Changing ourselves holds the possibility of being a powerful way of introducing change between ourselves and another.


Unique Value Proposition Career Coaching


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Basic Business Building Blocks™ The Intrepreneur Coaching Executive Coaching approach is an individually designed 6-stage process that employs tools and therapeutic methods to support leaders in identifying and choosing actions that demonstrate their own Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

We also work across teams and throughout organization to identify and align corporate UVP. At IC we believe, that once identified, each person's UVP and their organization UVP gives clarity to action. Utilizing the UVP, we can achieve results over time through course corrections, next steps and decision making.

Knowing one's own personal UVP is important in career development and transition. IC coaches support you in managing toward your strengths and choosing career paths that help you achieve your desired results.

Often the work involves balancing various parts of Self: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual; family, community and self. career The Working Hypotheses underlining the IC Unique Value Proposition theory include: o The higher number of individuals in an organization working out of their unique value proposition (UVP), the bigger their impact on the bottom line.EX: 10 people@100%= 10 to the 10th power in dollars.

Organizations, like individuals, naturally strive toward manifest destiny; bringing forward to full expression their unique value proposition and fulfilling the purpose of their existence. Once an organization is clear about its own UVP, it can see others' clearly, and more easily build partnerships and alliances to grow and sustain global presence, minimizing competitive risks.

Those organizations that choose 100% responsibility for their UVP presence are typically industry leaders. IC Consultants work individually and in groups to help others identify their own Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Call to schedule a free mini-consultation or teleconference call to explore these concepts and your own situation or organization in confidence:

Whole SELF Coaching

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This program is a way to honor yourself for the rest of your life!

  • 1. Unlock your energy potential
  • 2. Fortify a stronger, healthier you
  • 3. Clarify direction and decision; quickly recall information from within.
  • 4. Accept more joy, satisfaction, peace and calm into your life.
  • 5. Learn 'quick fix' techniques to relax, rest and renew o Identify life purpose mission and direction
  • 6. Apply Nature's Rx in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body
  • 7. Learn about retaining Natural Beauty and Strength from inside->out
  • 8. Start fast, fun, easy and healthy dietary habits to sustain your vitality
  • 9. Honor YOURSELF and your own needs, wants and expectations.

"Chronic 'pressing forward' without relief from stress has a kind of deceiving sense of mastery and control over one's life. The opposite is true when whole parts of SELF are left unattended. "Optimal health is not just the absence of disease, even the most minor symptoms can foreshadow more serious conditions later in life. This often happens via the 'snowball effect' in which a minor imbalance with the body produces a cascade of biological triggers that can eventually lead to poor health and chronic illness." Alfred A. Costanza, Ph.D., CTN, CN, New England Integrative Medicine Collaborative.



Intrepreneur Coaching, AWayOfLove, provides a unique product for recognizing talent and high achieving leaders. From a consulting interview we extract the core driving essence of the leaders' success: appropriate for employee recognition, corporate/client conferences, annual meetings--any where leaders are recognized and acknowledged.

An affirming conversation/interview process with end-product (framed photo with prose) can also be used as a kick-off for visioning, annual plan and organization development. Those recognized value the interview and the end product, a gift with enduring value over time.

To schedule your initial consultation to determine if having an Essential View created is how you would like to acknowledge a valued memeber of your organization, click the button below. There is a nominal $30 charge to schedule the consultation. This payment will be applied to the investment of creating the Essential View Should you choose to go forward.

After making your payment you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your initial Essential View Consultation.